Proxima Centuari Star System [4.2421 Light Years]
Proxima Centauri
Proxima Centauri (M5.5 Red Star)

Proxima b
Planet Proxima b (Cold Radiated Terran)
0.0485 AU

Proxima b
Planet Proxima b (Cold Radiated Terran)
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Proxima b Earthlike ComparisonThe planet Proxima b is the closest planet to our Solar System.

Proxima b orbits a star known as Proxima Centauri. Proxima Centauri is an M5.5 Red Main Sequence Star.

Proxima b is 4.2421 light years away from Earth. A light year is equal to 5.879 trillion miles! Therefore, the planet Proxima b is 24.9393059 trillion miles from Earth! Using chemical rockets, it would take us 55,046 years to travel to Proxima b! However, if we launched a mission to Proxima b using Laser Propulsion technology, which is still under development, then we could arrive at Proxima b in around 21.34 years.

Proxima b is a cold Terran planet that is most likely rocky. It may have an average temperature of -51 degrees Fahrenheit. By comparison, Earth has an average temperature of 57 degrees fahrenheit.

Proxima b orbits its star at a distance of 0.0485 AU and its orbital period, or year, is 11.2 Earth days. Earth orbits our Sun at 1.00 AU and our orbital period, or year, is 365.256 days. An AU on average equals around 93,000,000 miles! Proxima b also orbits in the habitable zone of its star, meaning that it orbits at a distance where liquid water is possible, if it has sufficient atmospheric pressure. However, Proxima b may have suffered atmospheric loss due to the extreme solar activity of the Proxima Centauri star. In addition, Proxima b is tidally locked with Proxima Centauri, meaning that the same side of Proxima b faces the Proxima Centauri star all the time, just like our Moon always has one side facing the Earth at all times.

Proxima b also has a mass 1.3 times that of Earth and its diameter is around 8,719 miles, while Earth has a diameter of 7,918 miles. Its density is unknown. Earth's density is 5.52.