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Planet Colonization

One of the major goals of the human race should be to colonize other planets. We must be careful and respectful in this process, but we must also have the vision and be bold enough to embark on this exciting adventure. While it is encouraging that we are finding planets outside of our own solar system, our current technology limits us to only colonizing planets within our own solar system.

The planet with the most potential in the short term is the planet Mars. Mars is the most similar to Earth in our Solar System, however, it will still require a firm commitment to bring a colony into reality.

Planet Mars

Thankfully, we have several plans that have been put forward to colonize Mars. The most exciting and viable plan to date, is the colonization plan announced by the space company SpaceX. They aim to begin creating a Mars colony withn the next 6 years in 2024.

There are also other companies and organizations that have announced plans to colonize Mars. They include Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, and The Mars Society.

Theoretical Earth-like Planet

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