Planet Janssen

I wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Jantzen! She was very excited to learn that scientists have discovered a planet that has her same name! Well, almost. The name of the planet is Janssen.

Janssen orbits two stars known as 55 Cancri A and 55 Cancri B. 55 Cancri A is a G8V Yellow Dwarf Star and 55 Canri B is an M3.5V Red Dwarf Star. The 55 Cancri Star System is 40.2470 light years away from Earth. A light year is equal to 5.879 trillion miles! Therefore, the planet Janssen is 236.612113 trillion miles from Earth!

The planet Janssen is a scorching hot Super Terran planet that is most likely rocky. It has an average temperature of 1,588 degrees Fahrenheit! By comparison, Earth has an average temperature of 57 degrees fahrenheit.

Janssen orbits its parent stars at a distance of 0.01560 AU and its orbital period, or year, is 0.73637 Earth days. Earth orbits our Sun at 1.00 AU and our orbital period, or year, is 365.256 days. An AU on average equals around 93,000,000 miles!

Janssen also has a mass 8.63 times that of Earth and its diameter is around 15,203 miles, while Earth has a diameter of 7,918 miles. It has a density of 5.9 compared to Earth’s density of 5.52.

So there you go Jantzen! You have an amazing planet named after you!


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